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GruiTAG members:
Here is some recent information from the USGS National Wildlife Health Center regarding samples sent for Inclusion Body Disease of Cranes (IBDC, crane herpesvirus) serology.

1. Serum samples arrive warm. Not enough ice packs in the cooler to keep samples chilled in transit.
2. The inventory list doesn't match what was sent.
3. The samples aren't being delivered to the right place. If folks could add "Necropsy Loading Dock" to the address that will help ensure samples get delivered to necropsy and not to the reception desk.

USGS National Wildlife Health Center
Necropsy Loading Dock
6006 Schroeder Road
Madison, WI 53711

Please make a note of these issues and pass this information on to your veterinary staffs.

Thank you!

Barry K. Hartup, DVM, PhD
Director of Veterinary Services

International Crane Foundation
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Baraboo, WI 53913-0447 USA
(608) 356-9492

Crane Pathology Reports can be sent to:
Tabitha Viner, DVM DACVP
Associate Pathologist
Smithsonian Institution
National Zoological Park
Department of Pathology
P.O. Box 37012 MRC 5501
Washington, DC 20560
202-633-8717 (fax)

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