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Crane Husbandry Manual
Ellis DH, Gee GF, Mirande CM, eds. 1996. Cranes: their biology, husbandry and conservation.
Washington, D.C.: Dept of the Interior, National Biological Service, International Crane Foundation.

The Cranes: Status Survey and Conservation Action Plan
Meine, Curt D. and George W. Archibald (Eds). 1996. The
cranes: - Status survey and conservation action plan. IUCN, Gland, Switzerland, and Cambridge, U.K.
294pp. Northern Prairie Wildlife Research Center Online. (Version 02MAR98).

Socialization Manual

Proceedings of the Eighth North American Crane Workshop
Ellis DH, ed. 2001. Proceedings of the Eighth North American Crane Workshop.
Seattle, Wash: North American Crane Working Group.

The ICF Bugle
The official publication of the International Crane Foundation.
Volumes 1-32. Past issues of the Bugle are available in this archive
as PDF or DJVU files. DJVU files are similar to PDF files and require a FREE browser plug-in.
This is a fast and easy download.

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