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Small size projects for Muraviovka Park - 2009
Attached is a list of crane projects for Muraviovka Park for 2009. If any of you have any conservation dollars, any of these projects would be great to support. Muravivoka Park (in the Russian Far East) is a public owned nature area with land set aside as refuge for cranes and other species. Red-crowned, white-naped, and hooded cranes utilize this land-some breed there and others just pass through. The red-crowned breeding continues to suffer with the ongoing drought in the region. It is a safe region for many species. Please contact either myself or Sergei with any questions about the Park or their needs. In addition, the critically endangered Oriental White Stork also breeds here. Recently, work has started on the rare Swan Goose to try and increase their numbers and save this species.

Photo by: Chris Munch, Hanna Bailey
Khinganski Support Needed!
If you are able to help, please contact either Carol Hesch or Rimma

1. Monitoring semi-wild White-naped cranes in Korea - observation, investigation behavior of cranes after releasing in the wild. Trip and staying (7-10 days) in Korea will be cost about 3,000.00$ for 2 men.

2. Monitoring cranes in Arkharinskaya lowland for breeding season (the work has kept Aviary of Pittsburgh too, but only one part of the lowland) - 2,000.00$ (train tickets, rent of a car, petrol and salary) for two persons.

3. Booklet about Crane project in the Khinganski reserve - 1,200.00$

4. Monitoring of health at cranes of the Station reintroduction (virus, bacteria and parasite investigation) - 2,000.00$.

African Crane Trade Project Mitigation Workshop
Kenya October 2007

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